zoe wrote:
>> Hi Zoe,
>> Is there documentation on this change?  
> Hi Greg - you mean the change I made to the phpinfo.phpt test? If so I
> changed it because it was failing and should not have been. Or do you
> mean changes to run-tests.php options?
I meant to run-tests.php.
>> I'm finding it a little bit
>> arbitrary that run-tests keeps changing basic stuff so often, it's
>> making me split tests simply to have a different EXPECTF for php 5.2 vs.
>> 5.3.  First it was %s, then %a, and now %A to match multi-line?
> Sure - all the --EXPECTF-- options are documented here
> http://qa.php.net/expectf_details.php, and, as far as I'm aware all
> the EXPECTF options should be common to PHP 52, PHP 53 and PHP 6. If
> they aren't then it's an oversight and I'll be happy to fix. I don't
> think any of them should require changes to existing tests. 

Thanks, this is very helpful, and answers all of my questions.


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