Kalle Sommer Nielsen kirjoitti:
2009/5/5 Jani Taskinen <j...@php.net>:
jani            Tue May  5 01:22:31 2009 UTC

 Modified files:
   /php-src/ext/imap   config.m4 php_imap.c php_imap.h
 - Fix build (modified utf7 stuff is rather new..)

No AC_DEFINE()'s to config.w32? So its no disabled on Windows, in
future please remember such things, as it was the reason for
socket_create_pair() not being available on Windows from 4.3 to 5.3 by
such a change by you.

Whatta hell are you talking about? That's windows. It's controlled build and I don't know how to add any tests in that crap..


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