Dmitry Stogov kirjoitti:
Derick Rethans wrote:
On Wed, 13 May 2009, Stanislav Malyshev wrote:

2) Uninitialized DATEG(tzcache. It's initialized only during RINIT() so any
error messages befor this may crash PHP.
This isn't the first time we see extension being used before initialization.
Maybe we need some infrastructure to prevent that.

In this case, I don't see why I can't init the tzcache in MINIT() though. But would that solve things?

Not in general, but it'll fix error logging for all extensions initialized after ext/date.

I had a patch first which added the init (also) in GINIT along with that RINIT one but that was useless without fixing the core issues first. And then I lost it. :D

In case of ext/date: It should be moved to core.


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