Jani Taskinen wrote:
Dmitry Stogov kirjoitti:
Hi Jani,

Unfortunately this patch doesn't fix the bug.
I'm not sure if it fixes module dependency issues (let me know how to check it), but the original bug has the same two problems.

1) Possible infinity recursion in php_log_err()

I did not even try to fix that problem, I wanted to fix the dependancy issues first. Now ext/date is the first to init (after "Core") and last to shutdown.

Preventing infinite recursion is for someone else to fix how they want. :)

2) Uninitialized DATEG(tzcache. It's initialized only during RINIT() so any error messages befor this may crash PHP.

Eh..I did fix that until I found out it didn't help at all without THIS stuff being fixed first. :)

To test it I just inserted a warning message into main.c around line 2130, right before module_initialized assignment.

+    zend_error(E_WARNING, "test");
    module_initialized = 1;

Yes, of course, ext/date needs the stuff fixed now that it's actually possible.
But what about the part #1 of this..? Can I MFH to PHP_5_* ?

In case you tested it enough, you can.

Thanks. Dmitry.

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