Kalle Sommer Nielsen wrote:
kalle           Wed May 20 08:29:23 2009 UTC

Modified files: /php-src/ext/mysql php_mysql.c /php-src/ext/mysqli mysqli_api.c mysqli_driver.c mysqli_prop.c /php-src/ext/pdo_mysql mysql_statement.c Log:
  Fix compiler warnings in ext/mysql, ext/mysqli and ext/pdo_mysql

-               if (rc == (my_ulonglong)-1) {
+               if (rc == (long)-1) {

This is not correct. Maybe you have 64bit box, but 32bit machines are still out there and this will be bad. my_ulonglong is 8 byte and -1, will be the max value 2^64-1, long is 4 byte and even when it is 8 byte, (long) -1 will be -1, not 2^64-1, so I think it would be better to revert these changes! Especially when the come after RC2

This is also wrong:
-       row_count = mysql_stmt_affected_rows(S->stmt);
-       if (row_count != (my_ulonglong)-1) {
+       row_count = (long) mysql_stmt_affected_rows(S->stmt);
+       if (row_count != (long)-1) {

There are a few places where you have done the same mistake and they should be reverted.


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