Kalle Sommer Nielsen wrote:
Hi Andrey

2009/5/20 Andrey Hristov <p...@hristov.com>:

-               if (rc == (my_ulonglong)-1) {
+               if (rc == (long)-1) {

This is not correct. Maybe you have 64bit box, but 32bit machines are still
out there and this will be bad. my_ulonglong is 8 byte and -1, will be the
max value 2^64-1, long is 4 byte and even when it is 8 byte, (long) -1 will
be -1, not 2^64-1, so I think it would be better to revert these changes!
Especially when the come after RC2

This is also wrong:
-       row_count = mysql_stmt_affected_rows(S->stmt);
-       if (row_count != (my_ulonglong)-1) {
+       row_count = (long) mysql_stmt_affected_rows(S->stmt);
+       if (row_count != (long)-1) {

There are a few places where you have done the same mistake and they should
be reverted.

I will review and commit fixes tonight or tomorrow, thanks for the
notice. btw. mysqlnd is emitting many warnings too, if non of you
mysql'ers wants to deal with it, I'll have a look at it aswell.

could you mail me the list of warnings which you see. I try to compile without any warnings and my latest builds didn't have warnings. So, as long as I get the list I will try to take care of them.


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