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Hmm, can we use something other than L? We were hoping to reserve L for use in PHP 6 for bigint numbers.

Sure! It makes no difference to me at all. Should I just remove that part completely? I didn't know if it would even be used -- just thinking more of "it's there if someone wants the option..."


- Matt

Matt Wilmas wrote:
mattwil Thu Jun  4 18:18:47 2009 UTC

Modified files: /php-src README.PARAMETER_PARSING_API /ZendEngine2 Zend.m4 zend_API.c zend_compile.c zend_execute.c zend_execute_API.c zend_operators.c zend_operators.h zend_vm_def.h zend_vm_execute.h /php-src/win32/build config.w32 Log: Restored double->long conversion behavior to that of PHP 5.2 (on most platforms) and prior: * Out-of-range numbers overflow/preserve least significant bits (no LONG_MAX/MIN limit) * See bug #42868 (presumably-rare platform with different results in 5.2) * On 32-bit platforms with 64-bit long type, a zend_long64 cast has been added,
      otherwise it's the same as 5.2
* Use this conversion method everywhere instead of some plain (long) casts

  Added 'L' parameter parsing specifier to ensure a LONG_MAX/MIN limit:
   * Essentially what 5.3's new conversion was doing in most cases
* Functions with "limit" or "length" type params could be updated to use this, and prevent confusing overflow behavior with huge numbers (*also* in 5.2)
    - See bug #47854, for example; or even #42868 again

# Test updates coming

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