On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 13:14, Nuno Lopes<nlop...@php.net> wrote:
Just FYI, this file (and php-src/INSTALL) used to be generated automatically
from phpdoc sources.
I used to do this myself, but I haven't done it for quite some time now, so
I don't know what's the status. Does anyone knows?


We found out, just before the 5.3.0 release, that it was very very
outofdate but couldnt figureout how to generate it so Johannes made
some 'manual changes' to it.

Ok, so let me summarize how it used to work:
First we generated a .html file that included the whole install + install faq sections of the manual (with openjade at the time :). Then we used lynx to produce the .txt file out of the .html file. The difference between INSTALL and install.txt was the included sections. We excluded non-interesting sections from the souce .xmls files before generating the html.

In the old phpdoc/Makefile.in you can find this:
%.txt: %.html
   lynx -nolist -dump file:`pwd`/$< > $@

And the source .xml files can still be found in CVS:


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