2009/12/14 Jani Taskinen <jani.taski...@sci.fi>:
>>        /* NOTE: If you add anything here, remember to add it also in
>> Makefile.global! */
> You can read, right?

Right, since that comment recently have been added, then why is it
that theres only magic_quotes_* and some zend_extension_* stuff in
there and not all the other options before I added these? And why is
it again that the Unix build system can't figure out these values or
even need them unlike the Windows build system?

>>        {
>>                static const char *directives[] = {
>> +                       "allow_call_time_pass_reference",
>>                        "define_syslog_variables",
>> +                       "detect_unicode",
> This never existed in anything but HEAD, why does it need to be deprecated?!
> --Jani

detect_unicode is for Zend Multibyte support, and have existed since
5.1.0, and since Zend Multibyte support obv. doesn't exists in HEAD,
then this option won't unless its assigned a new function, which in
that case should be noted in the documentation.


Kalle Sommer Nielsen

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