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Hi Gustavo,

Can you review the definition of 
http://www.php.net/manual/en/splminheap.compare.php ?
I believe the testcase should have the operands reversed to satisfy this 
definition and so the bug was bogus.

I did. The definition says compare() should give a positive number if $value1 
is larger than $value2, which it does:

That's the definition for SplMaxHeap.  The definition for SplMinHeap
is "positive integer if value1 is lower than value2".  See the link


+class MySimpleHeap extends SplMinHeap{
+ public function compare( $value1, $value2 ){
+ return ( $value1 - $value2 );
+ }
+$obj = new MySimpleHeap();
+$obj->insert( 8 );
+$obj->insert( 0 );
+$obj->insert( 4 );
+foreach( $obj as $number ) {
+ echo $number, "\n";

So this implementation of compare() gives the "usual order" and SplMinHeap 
should give the elements in the usual increasing order (the top should have the smallest).

Moreover, without the change extending SplMinHeap or SplMaxHeap would give the 
same result.

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