On 02/15/2011 12:31 PM, Pierre Joye wrote:
On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 10:17 AM, Dmitry Stogov<dmi...@zend.com>  wrote:
Hi Pierre,

The check for (byte_count_signed>  2147483648) looks ugly and it's even

It is not ugly nor wrong. See my post in when I proposed the patch. It
should actually be something much lower but I did not find a reliable
reference for this value (max length of a tag value).

I don't know all the logic but it looks very strange

2147483648 == 0x80000000 != 0x7fffffff == 2147483647

so byte_count_signed may be 0x80000000 == -1

Thanks. Dmitry.

It should be changed to something like (byte_count_signed>  INT32_MAX) where
INT32_MAX = 0x7fffffff (or 2147483647).

Yes, using a constant could be nice, I will check if that one is
actually always available.


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