Hi All!
I've a encountered a baffling problem in one project of mine. 

It's a data entry application build to work as a "stand-alone" app - 
it's all on a PC, built on Win98, PWS, PHP 4.0.3, and access 
2000 as DB, accessed (pun not intended!) thru ODBC.

I wished to delete all rows from a couple of tables, to start filling 
them anew. So I issued the following commands:

if (!isset($conn))
if(!$statusOpen) die ("error in DB ".$dbName);

$ji=odbc_exec($conn,"DELETE FROM table1");                                      
echo "->$ji<-<br>";
$ji=odbc_exec($conn,"DELETE FROM table2");
echo "->$ji<-<br>";


The two "echo"s are for debug purposes, obviously.
Actually, no error condition is returned. On screen I see that both 
echo print a valid result ID. But the second DELETE is NOT 
All rows all still there, after the execution. 

If I change the order of the query, i.e. 


$ji=odbc_exec($conn,"DELETE FROM table2");                                      
echo "->$ji<-<br>";
$ji=odbc_exec($conn,"DELETE FROM table1");
echo "->$ji<-<br>";


Data in table2 are deleted, and data in table1 are still there!

Even If I put some other query in the middle, it appears that only 
the first "DELETE" is really executed, while the other is silently 

Somebody has a clue on what's happening???

TIA, bye!


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