> Andreas Karajannis wrote:
> > > I change config value uodbc.defaultrl from 4096 to 8192, but it don't
> > > give any effect.
> >
> > Please make shure that PHP really "sees" your change.
> > You can verify the value that PHP uses by writing a file with just a call to
> > phpinfo(), this prints out a page with the current configuration.
> Thanx for your sugestion! I call this function and this shows, that any changes
> of php.ini file doesn't give any effect!
> I don't know, why. I've php.ini in my system directory and php4isapi engine in
> php directory on other drive.
> I don't understand it.
> Johny.

i have posted this problem a few weeks ago to this list,
but i didn't get any response. My configuration is MS SQL, 
PHP4.02 running on an Linux machine. 
Reading LONG columns via odbc-commands produces
unpredictable outputs. odbc-field-length shows even negative


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