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Tuesday, January 16, 2001, 7:02:48 AM, you wrote:

RL> Hi All,
RL> I am new to PHP and am using TextPad 4.0 at the moment but it doesn't colour
RL> code PHP.  Can anyone recommend a Text Editor that does this.  The BBEdit is
RL> only for Mac.
RL> Thanks for your help
RL> All the Best
RL> Lisa

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RL> Subject: [PHP-DB] SQL coloring in BBEdit 6.0?

RL> Hello,

RL> I'm using BBEdit 6.0.2 to do some PHP. I love the way it colors the 
RL> PHP commands differently. I also do mySQL. I usually write up a whole 
RL> list of SQL statements in a text editor and then feed them into the 
RL> server. Is there a way to have BBEdit color code the mySQL commands 
RL> that same way it does HTML and PHP?

I'm using textpad and it does color code php.

4.2.2 currently but i believe it even did it earlier.  If you want the
syn and a tcl i created let me know ..

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