This query can sometimes draw back the whole database causing some, or all,
data that is extracted from the database to not show.

Can u experts scan through this for me?

I really need some help!
SELECT DISTINCT $this->artikkeltbl.artikkelid as artikkelid,
$this->artikkeltbl.tittel as tittel,
$this->artikkeltbl.hovedingress as hovedingress,
$this->artikkeltbl.dato as dato
# Selects different parts of newsarticles: id field, date, title, toptext
and main text

FROM $this->artikkeltbl, $this->relasjonstbl
# from two different tables the article table and the relation table

WHERE $this->artikkeltbl.tittel LIKE '%$sqlx%'
OR $this->artikkeltbl.ingress LIKE '%$sqlx%'
OR $this->artikkeltbl.hovedingress LIKE '%$sqlx%'
OR $this->artikkeltbl.brodtekst LIKE '%$sqlx%'
# var $sqlx is the search string varying from page to page.

AND $this->artikkeltbl.artikkelid = $this->relasjonstbl.artikkelid
# Relation to the relation table

AND $this->relasjonstbl.portalid = $portalid
# Only selects articles within a spesific category.

ORDER by artikler.dato DESC LIMIT $x2,$x1
# u know...

I have divided the website into different portions, and assigned them with
unique id`s ($portalid).
I am trying to search through articles that are only assosciated with that
spescific portalid.

What am I doing wrong?

This is meant to be a simple search utility on the page.

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