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> Hi all, Just a quick one, is there anyone out there who has managed
> to successfully  store a file (other than text) in a database (I am
> using MySQL) and then  stream it out dynamically to a user, on an SSL
> enabled server, to a client  using Internet Explorer?
> I have tried nearly everything I could possibly think of (a couple
> really  dodgy work-arounds remain..) to no avail. Currently my system
> works for  every browser under the sun (including lynx surprisingly!)
> except i cannot  download any of the files saved in the database on
> an IE client.

It should work.  Supposedly SSL should not matter, as all the SSL
details are hidden in the transport layer below your HTML transaction.
OTOH, IE and mod_ssl have known problems.  You can find possible
solutions in the mod_ssl faq.

There should be no difference between data that comes from a database,
flat file, or enbedded in the program when it is sent to the browser.
Once it is sent there should be no way to tell where it came from.

Here are three questions you need to answer.  You should be able to
determine the problem once you know the answers to all three.  If not,
post again and maybe we can help.

It does not work with Internet Exploder, does it work with other

It does not work with SSL connections, does it work with non SSL

It does not work from MySQL, does it work with data embedded in the PHP

Rick Widmer
Internet Marketing Specialists

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