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> >It does not work with Internet Exploder, does it work with other
> >browsers?
> Yes, tested under Netscape and Lynx - both work
> >It does not work with SSL connections, does it work with non SSL
> >connections?
> Yes - works perfectly on insecure connections
> >It does not work from MySQL, does it work with data embedded in the PHP
> >program?
> Will test that ASAP and post the results.

You may not have to...  Have you looked at the mod_ssl FAQ?

There are known problems with mod_ssl and certain versions of IE that
cause I/O errors.  Since SSL works with non IE browsers and IE works on
non SSL connections this is what I suspect.

If you don't have the work arounds listed in the FAQ in your SSL
configuration you should try adding them.  If you do, this discussion
should probably move to the mod_ssl mailing list.  (Assuming you are
using mod_ssl.  If not, it appears to be the combination of SSL and IE,
check with your SSL provider for a patch or work around.)

Don't forget to restart apache after changing the config files.

Rick Widmer
Internet Marketing Specialists

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