Hi all,

I've just subscribed and haven't even got any mail from the list yet so I 
hope this isn't a dumb question . .

The php xBase interface is very basic so:

We have an existing (Linux RH6.2) system that has some conventional dumb 
terminal C programs that have access to a set of CodeBase (xBase) tables 
through a set of functions that I have written (eg putDBFcchq, getDBFmclm, 
topDBFest, etc).  The applications pass the address of a conventional C 
struct and the functions do their job talking to the tables and pass back 
data in the struct.

The question is . . can I make use of these functions somehow from my 
html/php setup?  eg Could I produce a little C program that would accept 
input of a class address from php somehow and then use the appropriate C 
function to talk to the tables and then pass data back to the php class?

Any other way of doing what I want?


Philip Rhoades

Pricom Pty Limited  (ACN  003 252 275)
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Sydney NSW      2001
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