>How many of you have Oracle working with PHP4?  What version of the Oracle
>drivers?  Are you accessing a local db or a remote one?  Did you have to
>tweak any settings to make it work?  Windows or Unix?

PHP 3.0.16 / PHP 4.0.3
ORACLE 8.1.6

Remote + Local

No Problems with the "TNS No Service".

Some Hints:
        - run it on UNIX or Solaris
        - ORACLE_PATH is also important to the client, since needs to know how to
find the tnsnames.ora
        - A "no Service" is normaly related to the server side of the connection
                = your general local config is ok
                = the db server could be connected
                = the listener is up, but it doesn't know where to deliver your call
                = check the SID/Service etc. parameters of your tnsnames.ora


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