Not trying to write an ad here, but Hostpro is a company that rents server
space and lets me serve multiple domains out of my space. I went with them
to save money, and because they offer tons of goodies, SSI, CGI, PERL, PHP,
mySql, shell & CRON access, unlimited email accounts with aliases and
virtmaps, it's a pretty fun place. I assume that however they had to
implement mySql across their user base didn't allow them to support access
control. I've emailed technical support about it, but I'm sure they won't be
any help.

I'd point you to the database pages so you could see how open it is, but
it's registration information for children in a youth baseball league. All a
person has to do for full access is to point a web browser to the right url.
No passwords are requested of the user and all my db code looks like:

 $query = "select * from Teams";
 $result = mysql("dbname","$query");

Pretty scary...

jaskirat singh wrote:

> Hey .. its MySQL that will ask for a password .. as far as I can figure
> out
> you are
> doing some thing odd ..
> Hostpro is it a web server?
> At 09:46 AM 2/4/01 -0600, you wrote:
> >After spending the last two weeks feverishly learning and coding php &
> >mySql, I'm ready to go live and have discovered that my Hostpro Virtual
> >Server (Used to be Vservers? never mind...) "doesn't support
> >password-protecting individual databases". I thought it strange that I
> >didn't need any user/pass pairs to access the db during development,
> but
> >figured I'd sort that out later. What a bonehead, eh? Now it's "later",
> >and I don't seem to have a way to control users or access levels. Can
> >anyone suggest a workaround besides just dropping my pages into an
> >.htaccess -protected directory?
> >
> >
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