Does anyone know of or have a problem that means that the 
HTML server will not receive the message back from the MySQL 
server to say close the connection. 
The two servers are on two seperate machines. 
The html server is Apache using the PHP scripting language.
The error messages I am getting, not so much error messages but 
messages, when I do a netstat on the html machine state that alot 
of the sql connections are time_wait or close_wait. This should 
cause no problem I here you say but when the majority of the html 
server connections are on time_wait or close_wait then the site 
starts to slow right down. And eventually cause database server 
busy errors for users. On the SQL server the netstat results appear 
to be fine with the majority of them being Established. Can any 
shed some light on this problem or even tell me of a way to fix it. If 
any questions about the problem need to be asked I will try and 
answer them. Thanks in advance.


Andrew Toussaint          
Richardson-Shaw Pty Ltd 

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