It looks like you are using persistent connections with SQL server,
but not with MySQL (time_wait and close_wait are states of a TCP
connection after it was closed by the appliction). I don't know much
about PHP, but there is somewhere a option to influence whether you
want persistent connections or not.

Second, what is MySQL telling (mysqladmin processlist with MySQL-root
privileges). Are there sleeping connections (persistent connections)
or not (no persistent connections).



On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 12:26:38PM +1100, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hi, 
>       Does anyone know of or have a problem that means that the 
> HTML server will not receive the message back from the MySQL 
> server to say close the connection. 
> The two servers are on two seperate machines. 
> The html server is Apache using the PHP scripting language.
> The error messages I am getting, not so much error messages but 
> messages, when I do a netstat on the html machine state that alot 
> of the sql connections are time_wait or close_wait. This should 
> cause no problem I here you say but when the majority of the html 
> server connections are on time_wait or close_wait then the site 
> starts to slow right down. And eventually cause database server 
> busy errors for users. On the SQL server the netstat results appear 
> to be fine with the majority of them being Established. Can any 
> shed some light on this problem or even tell me of a way to fix it. If 
> any questions about the problem need to be asked I will try and 
> answer them. Thanks in advance.
> Drew
> Andrew Toussaint          
> Richardson-Shaw Pty Ltd 

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