Hi everybody,

Still with the same configuration (Apache1.3.14 + PHP4.04pl1
+ support for Oracle
8.0.5 with OCI, all on HP-UX 11), I manage to connect to my
base (ocilogon, ociparse and ociexecute).
After that, whenever I try to get the results, it prints
well the column name but not the data. I try with the three
possibilities : ocifetch, ocifetchinto and

Here an example :

$uid = "XXXX";
$pwd = "YYYY";
$inst = "MY_INSTANCE";

$conn = ocilogon ($uid, $pwd, $inst) or die ("ocilogon

$query= "select OWNER, TABLE_NAME from ALL_TABLES";
$stmt = ociparse ($conn, $query) or die ("ociparse
ociexecute ($stmt) or die ("ociexecute failed" );

while ( OCIFetch($stmt) ) {
    $ncols = OCINumCols($stmt);
    for ( $i = 1; $i <= $ncols; $i++ ) {
        $column_name  = OCIColumnName($stmt, $i);
        $column_value = OCIResult($stmt, $i);
        print $column_name . " : " . $column_value . "\n";

Any suggestion is welcome...

Emmmanuel Nectoux

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