I am a flash newbie.
I am using Flash 4
What I'd need help on is, how can I load a unknown number of variables into
a flash movie and use them there?
I have done a simple flash/php integration using a flash-text field and
LoadVariable and it worked alright, but i have the problem that I dont know
how to get rid that text field. All I need is a number of variables from a
php-script that are not displayed but that can be used in flash.
For example imagine I was doing a address list that I wanted to use in
flash, but I don't know how many records are in the database. Therefore my
php-script would return something like:
how can I use this information in flash without actually displaying it right
And is there somthing similar to an array or a java-like collection in flash
or does it only support simple variables?

I hope this is not too much OT.

thx for your help

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