The userid needs to be your DB Super User (ie allowed to create db's)

At 11:15 AM 2/5/01 -0500, Brian C. Doyle wrote:
>What is the error you get?
>To do the Copy you need to specify a userid in your pg_connect like
>$conn = pg_connect ("host=localhost port=5432 user=userid dbname=dbname");
>That should take care of it.  It did for me!
>At 12:02 AM 2/6/01 +0900, Achmad Gutomo wrote:
>>Hi PHP Gurus !
>>Anyone have idea to copy table to file from the web?
>> From the unix shell we can do :
>>COPY table_name TO '/home/someone/table_name.dat' ;
>>I tried inside PHP
>>$result=pg_exec($con,"COPY table_name TO '/home/someone/table_name.dat'");
>>but got error.
>>I use Apache+PHP+PostgreSQL on Redhat7
>>Any suggestion for me ?
>>Thank for your help !
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