I'm using PHP (v4.0.4) as a web front end for a MySQL (v3.23.29) database 
running on Windows 2000 machine.

The problem is that I am relatively new (I've been messing with this for 
only a month) to this and don't really know where to look for information 
on the connection problems-- the web will not update the database, but only 
for one field.  However, all the other fields are being updated as one 
would expect.  The field in question is a drop down menu with at least a 
thousand items that are collected from one table in the database and then 
(are supposed to, if it would work) used to update another table-- could 
this be the problem?  Is this a Windows problem (rebooting has solved every 
issue but this one so far)?  Is there anything that I should look for 
specifically (note: I did not write the code that I'm using; I'm merely 
editing it for use)?

Also, are there any good books out there written about using MySQL and PHP 
together?  Most of the PHP books that I've seen online have had rather poor 
reviews by readers.


Liz Bander.

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