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C> whilst i know that mysql is generally faster than pgsql i just tried to
C> convert another of my mysql projects to pgsql, in mysql the list takes
C> about 1 second (SELECT * FROM email LIMIT 0,300 on 180000 records), the
C> same query in pgsql is taking around 5 seconds, i know i have tweaked
C> mysql a little and played with things to make it faster, i was wondering
C> if there are any tips to pgsql? i didnt think pgsql was that slow :(

if "SELECT * FROM email LIMIT 0,300" is your actual query, I would
strongly advise to use an ORDER BY some_indexed_field. This will make
Postgres' optimizer use an index scan. Not to mention the fact that
LIMIT without an ORDER will return you some random rows from a

besides, if you are running Postgres with default options, you should
increase the amount of memory it allocates for buffers and sorting. By
default Postgres is VERY conservative about memory usage.

Yours, Alexey V. Borzov, Webmaster of RDW

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