I have no personal experience with pgsql... but I've heard from friends
and in a number of articles strong suggestions to upgrade to pgsql
7.0.  It is noticably faster.  Also I believe the Postgres docs have a
section on performance tuning.


On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Cameron wrote:

> whilst i know that mysql is generally faster than pgsql i just tried to
> convert another of my mysql projects to pgsql, in mysql the list takes
> about 1 second (SELECT * FROM email LIMIT 0,300 on 180000 records), the
> same query in pgsql is taking around 5 seconds, i know i have tweaked
> mysql a little and played with things to make it faster, i was wondering
> if there are any tips to pgsql? i didnt think pgsql was that slow :(
> Cameron

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