Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anybody would like to share real world experiences in 
development and deployment of oracle and php.  I'm extremely new to 
oracle & am in the early process of starting to map out a redesign & 
conversion of a site from postgres to oracle.  I am trying to get as 
much background oracle information as possible.   I've read the manual 
about the php oracle 8i function calls & have done some other web reading. 

I would appreciate any kind of thoughts in regards to challenges that 
people have faced with oracle & php..  My other question is will the php 
oracle 8i calls work with the oracle 9i.  Looks like 9i has some cool 
features, and would like to take advantage of them w/ our java components. 

We are using php & apache & are using java in the background application 
processes and other non-web server stuff. FYI, we are also currently 
using linux.

I am trying to get as much info since oracle is a huge beast, and want 
to do it right the first time around... so Thanks in Advance!


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