Nothing best Oracle documentation CD, if You have experience in ANSI SQL
I'm working as system analyst with Oracle product having MS SQL SERVER
6.5 experience.

Some statement tuning and dba course will get some extra.


Tuesday, February 13, 2001, 9:07:47 AM, you wrote:

c> Hello everyone,

c> I was wondering if anybody would like to share real world experiences in 
c> development and deployment of oracle and php.  I'm extremely new to 
c> oracle & am in the early process of starting to map out a redesign & 
c> conversion of a site from postgres to oracle.  I am trying to get as 
c> much background oracle information as possible.   I've read the manual 
c> about the php oracle 8i function calls & have done some other web reading. 

c> I would appreciate any kind of thoughts in regards to challenges that 
c> people have faced with oracle & php..  My other question is will the php 
c> oracle 8i calls work with the oracle 9i.  Looks like 9i has some cool 
c> features, and would like to take advantage of them w/ our java components. 

c> We are using php & apache & are using java in the background application 
c> processes and other non-web server stuff. FYI, we are also currently 
c> using linux.

c> I am trying to get as much info since oracle is a huge beast, and want 
c> to do it right the first time around... so Thanks in Advance!

c> Chris

Andris Jancevskis
Systems Analyst,
Tieto Konts Financial Systems Ltd
Kr.Barona 32, Riga, LV1011, Latvia
tel: +371 7286660, fax: +371 7243000

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