On 13 Feb 2001, at 11:41, Trond Erling Hundal wrote:

> Hey there fellow querieres....
> I summon your power! (eh..)
> well.. enough with the nonsense :)
> I have a littlebit of problem:
> I am displaying 15 different newsarticles on a page.
> The articles are displayed in three different tables.
> First there`s one article (the main-top-story) that is shown in the 
top of
> the page.
> Then there is an ad.
> And then. Below this ad, there are two columns, each displaying 
7 articles
> each.
> The articles can be divided into two distinct groups.
> smallnews, and news, and this is stored in the article table in a 
> named Kategory!
> That is: smallnes cannot be shown before 4 "real" newsarticles 
has been
> displayed.
> What do YOU think?
Divide your query in two part. Supposing you're ordering them by 
freshness, something like:

"select * from news where Kategory=bignew order by date desc 
limit 4"


"select * from news where Kategory=smallnew order by date desc 
limit 3"

likewise, do 2 cicles, the first showing major news, the second 
showing small ones. 

This way you don't need a single "if" nor complicated flow control 
structure... I've always liked KISS predicate :-)

HTH, bye


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