OK, I'm sure that the answers are extremely simple, but I'm having two 

1.  How do I sort a list through PHP alphabetically?  This is a drop-down 
menu full of part numbers and it's a pain in the neck to search for the 
right one through about a thousand of them.  Currently, the sort (or lack 
thereof) is based on a primary key code (which other aspects of the 
database are based on), and sorts it based on the number.  This is not 
user-friendly, and an alphabetical sort would make it much more so (this is 
very important).

2.  There is a button that deletes a row from a table in my database.  What 
I need is for the button to delete the row and then return the user to the 
previous page.  Can it do both of these things?  This again, is part of the 
necessity for a user-friendly environment.

Any ideas or places to look for more info would be great.  I have several 
reference books, but they're not much help if you don't know exactly what 
you're looking for.

This is MySQL version 3.23.29a-gamma and PHP 4.0.4 with Apache 1.3 on a 
Win2K Pro machine.



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