On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 10:16:14AM -0500, Liz Bander wrote:
> 1.  How do I sort a list through PHP alphabetically?  This is a drop-down 
> menu full of part numbers and it's a pain in the neck to search for the 
> right one through about a thousand of them.  Currently, the sort (or lack 
> thereof) is based on a primary key code (which other aspects of the 
> database are based on), and sorts it based on the number.  This is not 
> user-friendly, and an alphabetical sort would make it much more so (this is 
> very important).

Since you are using MySQL, just have MySQL do the sort.  
$sql = "select * from <table> order by <friendly_column>";

> 2.  There is a button that deletes a row from a table in my database.  What 
> I need is for the button to delete the row and then return the user to the 
> previous page.  Can it do both of these things?  This again, is part of the 
> necessity for a user-friendly environment.

You could split the page into parts.  I often use an index.php page that
only checks what is sent to it and then includes the appropriate page.
For your example:

if(isset($deleteButton)) {
else {

Jason Stechschulte
Either approach may give birth to various sorts of monstrosities.
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