On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 08:33:12PM +0100, Matthias Kopolt wrote:
> confusion:
> Using PHP 4.0.3pl1 with oci8 libraries and Oracle 8.1.6 there seems to be
> problem when retrieving OUT-Variables from stored procedure, bind to a
> variable.
> for example i got an error retrun value (parsed to SQL as :1 and bind to
> $error with a buffer of 4) it could !! happen that $error looks like 0
> [zero] but is not a [zero] but something else sometime $error == 0 is true,
> sometimes it false ...
> WOrkaraund: using it as a string helped "$error" == "0" is always true when
> $error looks like a zero. there is no sign of some extra spaces or invisible
> chars. strlen is always 1 and print always prints 0. But sometimes zero
> isn#t less enough ... ;-)
> Did someone else face this problem or do you know if this is fixed in later
> releases or if this a special NET8 remote DB on linux and client on solaris
> problem ?

    please create the shortest possible testcase that
    demonstrates your problem and send it to the list.


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