To anyone who cares:

I recently was able to get the following setup to work correctly with PHP connecting 
to an oracle database from Windows:

Remote Server:   Oracle 8 (

Web Server: Win2000, Oracle 8i Client ( w/ ODBC Drivers (separate 
download) (for odbc functions)

I have tested it on PHP ASAPI with no problems.  I suspect the CGI version will also 

Used PHPOCI8.DLL extension.

I have TNS_ADMIN, ORACLE_HOME environment variables defined.

NOTE: The earlier client release does not work on Win2k or WinNT4 (at least I 
couldn't get it to).  The 8.1.6 client is the only one that supports Win2k (future 
versions will, just nothing previous will have Win2k support added).

Hope this helps anyone who is having trouble,

P.S. - I'm happy to give greater details to anyone who wants them

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