Apparently I mis-understood you. I thought you meant upgrade the servers...
Yes we can upgrade the client. Do you have a URL available for the 8.1.6
version of the client... Thanks.

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> They won't let you upgrade the client?  That sounds strange.  Let them
> the server at 8.0.5 and you upgrade the Windows Oracle client to 8.1.6.
> That is all I was alluding to.  I have also been told (though I haven't
> tried it) that the Oracle client for linux works well with linux so those
> problems don't seem to pester the un*x guys.  If I had my way, I'd be on a
> un*x box of some sort.
> Hope I understood you correctly,
> good hunting
> > Unfortunately, upgrading the Oracle boxes is not an option. The current
> > Oracle version databases are part of a massive, already in production
> system
> > and is out of the question. We're adding additional components and I
> > STRONGLY recommended using PHP for server-side functionality.
> >
> > If I can't connect to a remote Oracle 8.0.5 from PHP, I'll have to use
> some
> > other tool, like ASP.... I would really not like to do that there's a
> > possibility that the additional components be moved to a Unix box. If I
> > initially use ASP, then moving to Unix is out of the question...
> >
> > Anyone else have this problem (PHP to Oracle 8.0.5)??
> >
> > Later,
> > Jorge

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