Have a look at http://www.phorum.org. You can setup a forum with the "module" 
forummail so that the forum may interact with the mailing list suporting it 
as an archive.

By the way :-),  I am trying to unsubscribe from the list (too much trafic ) 
sending a mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], but it doesn't work. 
Anybody with the same problem?

El Wednesday 14 February 2001 20:19, escribiste:   (On Wednesday 14 February 
2001 20:19, you wrote)
> Is there any mailing list archive software ? We want to search the mailing
> lists we receive locally using php. Does this require the mail to be
> entered into the
> database ? If so how do you go about inputting email into a mysql database
> ?
> Thank You
> Sunil

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