Hello, Sunil Jagarlamudi!
You wrote:

> How do I overcome that ? When I try to just echo the 
> image it works fine,
> but when I try to add a few more lines like echoing
> other rows which have firstname and lastname of the 
> people nothing comes out

Imagine you open an image file from the disk. What happens 
if someone adds a line of text to that file? We don't know, 
will the image be scrapped or not, but you will surely not 
get any new text on or below that image. This is what you 
are trying to do.

Now imagine you open an HTML file with an <IMG> tag 
pointing to that image, and having additional <P> tag 
describing that image. This is what you need.

Now to your problem: to reproduce the above behavior you 
got to use two scripts: one to show an image from your 
database and other to point to that script in its <IMG> tag 
and having additional info. Something like that:
<IMG SRC="image.php?file=jsmith-small" WIDTH=100 

P.S. Of course if you wanted new text to appear ON your 
image, you may put it in with corresponding Image* 

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