Hello -

I'm not getting any errors on this... and the variable is passing from the
form on the other page, but I'm getting empty result sets when I know there
should be data.

$link = mysql_connect ("localhost", "www", "scripts4") or die ("Could not
$db = mysql_select_db ("schileens_db") or die ("Could not select database");
<TITLE>Weekday events</TITLE>
# make function #
 function display_events ()
# declare global variable coming from other page #
global $PHP_SELF;
# select events for this day #
$query="select msg_year, msg_month, msg_day, msg_title from
calendar_messages where CONCAT(msg_year,msg_month,msg_day) = $yyyymmdd" ;
$result=mysql_query ($query) or die ("cannot execute query");

        while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($result))
                printf ("%s %s %s %s<BR>\n", $row["msg_year"], $row["msg_month"],
$row["msg_day"], $row["msg_title"]);
        mysql_free_result ($result); } ;
 ?><A href="drop5.php">back to weekday selection

Thanks in advance for any help!

Tim Wright

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