I'm trying to pass a clob to a stored procedure, but not having any luck.

desc php_test
PROCEDURE php_test
 Argument Name                  Type                    In/Out Default?
 ------------------------------ ----------------------- ------ --------
 I_ID                           NUMBER                  IN
 I_TEXT                         CLOB                    IN

Here's my code and the variants I tried:
$Conn = OCINLogon ('xxx', 'xxx');
OCIInternalDebug (1);

$Buffer = "hello there";
$Stmt = OCIParse ($Conn, 'begin php_test (1, :buffer); end;');
$Clob = OCINewDescriptor ($Conn, OCI_D_LOB);
OCIBindByName ($Stmt, ':buffer', $Clob, -1, OCI_B_CLOB);
$Clob->save ($Buffer);
OCIExecute ($Stmt, OCI_DEFAULT);

$Stmt = OCIParse ($Conn, 'begin php_test (2, :buffer); end;');
OCIBindByName ($Stmt, ':buffer', $Buffer);
OCIExecute ($Stmt);

$Stmt = OCIParse ($Conn, "select id, text from php_table");
OCIExecute ($Stmt);
$rows = OCIFetchStatement ($Stmt, $rs);
print_r ($rs);

OCIDebug: oci_parse "begin php_test (1, :buffer); end;" id=3 conn=2
OCIDebug: oci_new_desc 4
OCIDebug: OCIsavedesc: size=11 offset=1

/disk/1/home/dbenson/htdocs/hack.php on line 9

Warning: OCIStmtExecute: ORA-22275: invalid LOB locator specified ORA-06512:
at "VIGNETTE.PHP_TEST", line 4 ORA-06512: at line 1 in
/disk/1/home/dbenson/htdocs/hack.php on line 10
OCIDebug: oci_parse "begin php_test (2, :buffer); end;" id=5 conn=2

Warning: OCIStmtExecute: ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PLS-00306: wrong
number or types of arguments in call to 'PHP_TEST' ORA-06550: line 1, column
7: PL/SQL: Statement ignored in /disk/1/home/dbenson/htdocs/hack.php on line
OCIDebug: oci_parse "select id, text from php_table" id=6 conn=2
OCIDebug: START _oci_stmt_list_dtor: id=3 last_query="begin php_test (1,
:buffer); end;"
OCIDebug: _oci_bind_hash_dtor:
OCIDebug: END _oci_stmt_list_dtor: id=3
OCIDebug: oci_new_desc 7
OCIDebug: OCIloadlob: size=14
OCIDebug: START _oci_column_hash_dtor: ID
OCIDebug: END _oci_column_hash_dtor: ID
OCIDebug: START _oci_column_hash_dtor: TEXT
OCIDebug: START _oci_descriptor_list_dtor: 7
OCIDebug: END _oci_descriptor_list_dtor: 7
OCIDebug: END _oci_column_hash_dtor: TEXT
Array ( [ID] => Array ( [0] => 0 ) [TEXT] => Array ( [0] => this is a
clob ) )

Any suggestions on where to go next? Thanks!


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