I've checked out the shopping cart packages available for PHP and am not
thrilled by any of them. Was wondering if there are a set of classes
available that could be used to support a shopping cart. I'm interested in
the 'back end' -- working with the actual data, rather than the front end --
the user interface. Want to build it with php + mySQL or PostgreSQL.

I want complete freedom to build the interface but don't want to reinvent
the wheel for credit card validation, online credit card processing,
shipping calculation, etc.

I've built a simple shopping cart for a site currently under construction.
This uses a combination of javascript and php, and doesn't use database
(less than 1 dozen items).

You can see an example (excuse the mess) by going to:


and clicking the 'order' link in the navbar frame at the top. HINT: close
movie window as soon as it opens.

Randy Perry

Mac Consulting/Sales

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