This is a PHP question and should really be asked on the PHP list.

But a suggestion.  Tried using field names instead of number?  ie.

I'd have to read up the PHP manual to find out for sure but I'm sure you can
do that just as well as I can.

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Subject: array awry

This associative array embedded within a function and declared as a global
at the start of the function, is meant to be a multidimensional array, but
with every loop of the while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($result)) statement,
it's previous values are replaced by the new ones.  Any ideas on how I can
fix this?

          If ($Selection == "3")
          $tabledata[catid]    = $myrow[0];
          $tabledata[category] = "$myrow[1]";
          $tabledata[under]    = $myrow[2];
          $tabledata[corder]   = $myrow[3];
          $tabledata[active]   = $myrow[4];

aka Larentium

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