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> This associative array embedded within a function and declared as a global at 
> the start of the function, is meant to be a multidimensional array, but with 
> every loop of the while ($myrow = mysql fetch row($result)) statement, it's 
> previous values are replaced by the new ones.  Any ideas on how I can fix 
> this?
>           If ($Selection == "3")
>           {
>           $tabledata[catid]    = $myrow[0];
>           $tabledata[category] = "$myrow[1]";
>           $tabledata[under]    = $myrow[2];
>           $tabledata[corder]   = $myrow[3];
>           $tabledata[active]   = $myrow[4];
>           }

So what you're saying is that want indexes 'catid', 'category', etc. to 
have a distinct value for each row pulled from the database?  Then you need 
to add another dimension to that array.


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