I'm not sure my question fits into the remit of this list - so apologies in
advance if it's off track... Please point me in a more suitable direction is

I recently converted my sites from hardwired HTML to a PHP/MySQL
combination - with dynamic 'newsy' info held in a database, tailored for
each visitor. Unfortunately the 'hit rate' from search engines has gone
virtually to zero as Altavista, Hotbot etc. removed me from their indexes -
they don't index .php files as far as I can see, and also don't follow links
on php pages (I imagine it's the same for ASP, ColdFusion etc.). In contrast
Google and All The Web have no problems with the .php extension (and even
index my .pdf files!).

I would be grateful for any wisdom on how best to deal with this. I could of
course make an HTML intro page, but that would be a pity since I'd hardly be
able to an intro page that conveys all the necessary info to bring the right
visitors. Any advice on how to do this well? I could alternatively change
the setting of the PHP parser to parse all .html as if it's php.
Unfortunately I'm sharing a server right now and my ISP is unlikely to
accept this because of the reduction in performance (I may be prepared to
move to a dedicated server if necessary though). Lastly I thought of writing
a PHP routine that, run once a day, will make a few HTML 'mirror' pages
based on the content of the database to capture the search engine visitors.
I could do that, but it seems to defeat the purpose of the dynamic pages
somewhat... pity.

Any other ideas? How do others deal with this issue?


Grant Ballard-Tremeer,
HEDON Household Energy Network
eco Ltd.

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