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> I recently converted my sites from hardwired HTML to a PHP/MySQL
> combination - with dynamic 'newsy' info held in a database, tailored for
> each visitor. Unfortunately the 'hit rate' from search engines has gone
> virtually to zero as Altavista, Hotbot etc. removed me from their indexes -
> they don't index .php files as far as I can see, and also don't follow links
> on php pages (I imagine it's the same for ASP, ColdFusion etc.). In contrast
> Google and All The Web have no problems with the .php extension (and even
> index my .pdf files!).

> What you can do is create an html page blank, with meta-tags for the search
> engines, but including the meta:
> <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="0;URL="www.yourpage.com/index.php4">
> at the first line. This is going to redirect to the indicated php page.
> I think its a solution, for the search enginges as for the users, because
> the will not see anything.

Some search engines don't care, but not all view this in the same way.  
According to Search Engine Watch 
<http://searchenginewatch.com/webmasters/features.html>, AltaVista and 
Go.com are among those who treat a meta refresh as spam.  And since 
AltaVista is one of those you're trying to improve ranking with...


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