>>>Why not just create a table that will resize to any resolution?
>> Because I am using different sized images for the different resolutions
>> well as other page thingys.....
>> And I need the script for other things too.
>> So can anyone help?

Is there anyway to convince you this is a very very bad idea?  Leave the
choice up to the user.

Why?  Sure, my screen resolution is 1024x768, but I never run the browser
full screen (I'd bet 99% of people don't), so forcing me to view a page that
only looks good at 1024x768 when my window size is closer to 800x600 just
annoys me (I've seen a few sites like that; left immediatly even though they
were good sites).

If I have the choice, I'll pick the one I think is closest to my current
window size.  I've seen several sites that do this.  Much better.

Another reason not to do this is all the extra work in maintaining all the
different versions of pages/images etc.  Better to spend the time writing
PHP code. :)

- Darryl

  Darryl Friesen, B.Sc., Programmer/Analyst    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  Education & Research Technology Services,     http://gollum.usask.ca/
  Department of Computing Services,
  University of Saskatchewan
  "Go not to the Elves for counsel, for they will say both no and yes"

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