The other thing that I have been asked to design is an online tv guide for a 
list of shows. Basically I want to be able to display a list of programmes 
on the front page for the current date in time order. Can this be done in 
the same way as alphabetical ordering?

I will also have a seperate page for each individual show with listings for 
that show only, as well as details about the show an episode guide etc...

And if that isn't enough I want people to be able to search for a show or a 
specific date via a search exactly do I do a query?

AND to select from a drop down box the date they want to view on the front would I display two weeks worth of days in a select form from 
the date that they view the page?

Again thankyou! I have lotsof pieces to the puzzle its just gaining more 
pieces and fitting it together. If anyone can help with any of this 
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