There have been a number of mails about the SQLParamData error when starting
Apache after installing the solid database installation. Here is a list of
the actions we had to take to get solid working correctly with PHP 4.04pl1 I
hope it saves some time since it cost us a lot !

Solid version is the current linux version 3.5 with glibc2

In the include directlry of solid sqlunix.h change
#include <wcstr.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

Seems like the call to wcstr.h is an old call. The compilation will then

In the solid lib directory make symlinks like this:
ln s socl2x35.a libsocl2x35.a
ln s

The standard installation doesnt include these. Not 100% sure they are
really needed but we got linker errors.

Finally put the path to those libs in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or edit
/etc/ (dont forget to run ldconfig after).

Now the PHP problem. After solving these problems you get the SQLParamData
error when loading apache. Seems like there is a script error in ./configure
There is a test in this file for the existence of the solid files after
which there are several echo statements if there is a problem (you can
pretty much search for these in the file). On the last echo statement the
"else" clause is on the same line and is ignored. Unfortunately the else
clause contains the linker statements and is ignored. Hence the error.
Putting the else on a new line fixes the problem. You can see if you have
this problem when you run configure. You may get the message "Finding Solid
Library ..." but no error and nothing after the dots.

Hope this helps.

David Foster ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

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