Do you want to be told how, or want to read an interesting article on just 
this, including  PHP script to build your archives. It's one of the early 
PHP tutorials -- try a search on "php movie database".

I adapted code from that for my own archive, although I run a shell script, 
logged in as root, to actually make the directory and copy the files. That 
has mostly to do with security, although it could probably be overcome by 
having the archive directory owned by whatever name the webserver runs as.


PS Ah, just found it:  That will take you 
to their archive. Good luck!!

PPS The shell script just prompts for a directory name and creates the 
directory, then copies all files from the web site root into the newly 
created directory. A second script publishes the new files.

Have fun!!!

At 04:13 PM 2/28/01 +0000, Matthew Cothier wrote:
>I have a homepage which has a news headline system. Bascially via form the 
>admin of the site can submit news which appears on the front page, the 
>only problem is the news just keeps coming and I have a front page with 
>too many headlines on.
>How can I make it so that say 7 articles appear on the front page and the 
>rest can be accessed through some sort of archive?
>Perhaps a link underneath these articles to the archive?
>And the actual archive a page with the headlines listed that they can 
>click on and view the story, the headlines listed in date order.
>How would I do this?
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