>From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Miles Thompson)
>Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Selecting number of news items on frontpage
>Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:06:07 -0400
>Do you want to be told how, or want to read an interesting article on just
>this, including  PHP script to build your archives. It's one of the early
>PHP tutorials -- try a search on "php movie database".
>I adapted code from that for my own archive, although I run a shell script,
>logged in as root, to actually make the directory and copy the files. That
>has mostly to do with security, although it could probably be overcome by
>having the archive directory owned by whatever name the webserver runs as.
>PS Ah, just found it:
>http://www.webreview.com/pub/2000/02/11/php/index.html  That will take you
>to their archive. Good luck!!
>PPS The shell script just prompts for a directory name and creates the
>directory, then copies all files from the web site root into the newly
>created directory. A second script publishes the new files.
>Have fun!!!

Basically I am using PHP and MySql, is there no way of just grabbing the 
last 7 articles entered into the database and displaying them and then 
linking to a page with the rest of them (ie. All the others minus the last 7 
- the ones on the front page)?

What loop code would I need for this, its a friends site that I have just 
started :

www.sunsetbeachuk.com   Thats the url if it helps to take a look, as you 
will see the front page just grows and grows as more news is added........
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